Advantages of Virtual Mining

Why Virtual Mining?

There are no complications when you sign up with BTC Farming Network Ltd and there is no need for you to purchase expensive mining hardware. From setting up your account to the maintenance of your mining rig, we provide all the necessary equipment and maintain everything for you.

Noise and Heat-Free
Bitcoin mining hardware is known to be noisy and generates extreme heat, which can become unbearable. By using BTC Farming and our virtual mining, you don’t have to suffer any of the noise and heat associated with bitcoin mining.

No Additional Costs
With BTC Farming Network Ltd, you only pay for the our mining services while the maintenance fees are automatically deducted from your generated profits. You also save on repair and electricity costs as we maintain, upkeep and run the mining equipment on our remote data center.

With virtual mining, you can start mining immediately instead of waiting for your mining hardware or wasting valuable setting up your equipment. BTC Farming Network Ltd utilizes the latest technology to attain maximum profits for our users, and constantly ensures that our equipment is running at optimum level.